Tere Joyce

Tere Joyce is a stand-up comedian who toured the US and Canada for many years before she became a top ten finalist on the first season NBC’s Last Comic Standing. A few years later she was approached to do a cannabis themed show. At the time, Tere knew very little about the legalities of medical marijuana in the state of California, but Joyce experienced a rude awakening when she, and other patients were held at gunpoint by the DEA in a doctor’s office that was located in the same building as a medical marijuana collective. Once released from the ordeal she shook the DEA agent’s hand and said, “Thanks for giving me thirty minutes of new material”, but Tere ended up doing much more than write a new stand-up routine.

Joyce did not take the FBI raid lightly. She had voted for the legalization of medical cannabis, and felt very strongly that her individual and state rights were being suppressed by the federal government. This awareness put her in hyper drive to become an “Art Activist”. Shortly after the raid Tere teamed up with Dege Coutee’ who is a medical cannabis activist and the president of The Patient’s Advocacy Network. Together they have worked on many projects, which spans from fundraisers for legal defense funds, cannabis protests during Occupy LA, to an award winning medical marijuana float in the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.

Tere Joyce has appeared on various webcasts beginning with the “Free Speech Show” on comedynation.com. From there she launched her own radio show Hollywood Hemptress Hour on New Dissident Radio. In 2011, Tere Joyce worked in the media dept for Occupy LA where she journaled events through her social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and her blog at hollywoodhemptresshour.com.

In 2012, Joyce left New Dissident Radio to livestream video Hollywood Hemptress Hour on The Atomic Comedy Network at atomiccomedy.com, where Dege Coutee’ has a recurring segment titled the “Compassion Flower Report”.

Tere Joyce is still currently touring as a stand-up comedian and is developing her one woman show titled, “Freedom of Joyce”.