PAN offers workshops and activities that teach medical cannabis patients how to protect their legal rights, effectively engage the democratic process, and be powerful self-advocates.

Our advocacy programs help address a broad range of social issues patients face, and help them navigate this legal, murky territory.

  • Workshops & Trainings

    PAN offers several workshops that provide patients with tools to be effective grassroots political activists and advocates for patient's rights. Our trainings help patients better understand the process of engaging legislative bodies and officials on medical cannabis issues. PAN teaches patients how to handle police encounters and prepare for court. Some of our workshops include:

    • How To Handle A Law Enforcement Encounter As A Medical Cannabis Patient
    • Raid Preparedness And Security Culture For Patients & Providers
    • Preparing & Executing Effective Public Presentations To Governing Bodies & Officials
    • A Patient Is Busted - How To Prepare A Legal Strategy
    • Organizing An Effective Rally, Street Theater & Media Management
    • Starting Your Own Political Or Advocacy Organization


  • Court Advocacy & Legal Education

    PAN helps patients prepare in advance for the possibility of a police encounter, a federal raid, being arrested, charged and going to court. Over 100, 000 patients and hundreds of patient groups have attended our raid preparedness and law enforcement encounter trainings.

    PAN also offers resources to patients who are criminally charged and need to prepare a legal strategy. We teach patients about the court process, developing and managing a legal defense, and organizing court support and raising funds.




  • Legislative Education & Advocacy

    Medical cannabis is a political issue and the only way patients and providers can be fully protected under the law is for legislative bodies to enact and enforce better laws and policies. For that to happen sooner than later, if ever, citizens must keep an active voice in the process. PAN’s Patient Advocates regularly work with elected officials and their staff members to keep them informed on matters and issues that are adversely affecting medical cannabis patients and offer solutions.

    PAN teaches patients how to monitor medical cannabis discussions within legislative bodies and prepare effective statements, written and verbal. We teach patients how to develop political relationships on the local level and become a reputable resource on medical cannabis issues.


  • Prisoner Outreach Workshop

    PAN encourages you to lift the spirits of a Prisoner of the Drug War by sending a card or letter.  PAN maintains a list of Political Prisoners of Compassion and Conscience.  These prisoners are serving federal prison sentences for their outspoken and visible involvement with providing or cultivating cannabis for compassionate purposes.

    Many of these prisoners serve their time in prisons far from their homes and families and therefore rarely get visitors.  Mail call is an extremely important time of day.

    Please write today!

    Make sure you include the prisoner ID# on the envelope or post card and include a return address.

    Here are some other useful tips when writing to someone in prison:

    Prisoner background and contact information: outreach workshop

  • Information, Referral & Watchdog Services

    PAN keeps watch of local, state, and federal actions that may affect patients’ access to medical cannabis, and keeps our members informed of important developments.  We provide a wide range of referrals to help patients with legal, social, and medical issues.







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